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Strip Scrub Body Scrub

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Start the day with Salt + Steam's minty fresh pick-me-up! 

302g Rosemary, Tea Tree & Peppermint Salt Body Scrub.

This moisturising salt scrub is full of punchy essential oils like peppermint and tea tree to wake up your skin and leave with a glow that lasts all day.

Top tip - this scrub can also be used as a great scalp exfoliant to help remove product buildup and soothe dry, itchy scalps!

With moisturising oils, exfoliating salts and our blends of essential oils, our body scrubs are the best way to get hydrated, soft, healthy skin!

Eco Friendly packaging in glass jars with cork lids and biodegradable, vegan stickers. 

Relaxation & self care feels better when you know that the products you're using are ethically sound. Salt + Steam creators wanted to be able to give people all-natural bath goodies that were ethical from start to finish.