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Marimo Pet Terrarium | Aquatic Moss Ball In Glass Jar

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A perfect, easy to care for pet plant. These super cute maintenance-free Moss Balls live in tap water and are regarded as good luck charms in Japan. 

Each Marimo Moss Ball lives in a small jar filled with water and a cork lid. This is a living plant and will make a unique gift. Perfect for someone who wants low maintenance greenery, or struggles to keep plants alive!

The word 'Marimo' is a Japanese translation of ‘seaweed ball’, and are not moss at all, but a rare form of spherical deep green, velvety algae. Legend has it that two lovers who were forbidden to be together tragically fell into a lake and sunk to the bottom. According to myth, they turned into marimo moss balls and this plant is now known as a token of love, affection and good luck.

You will receive 1 moss ball in a jar. Pop you Marimo Moss Ball straight in water when it arrives.

Size: H9 x W8cm
Moss Ball is approx 2.5cm in diameter. It will continue to grow.


They require little by way of maintenance. Change the water every two weeks - just use tap water - and your Moss Ball will remove the impurities from the water and produce oxygen bubbles.

To clean the Moss Balls themselves, you simply remove them from the jar and gently squeeze under running water, as you would a sponge and then pop them back in.