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DIY Air & Moss Terrarium Kit | 10cm

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The perfect gift for plant lovers! Build your own Terrarium using a variety of components and learn all about the properties that help your open terrarium survive.

The Air & Moss "The Everything" Terrarium Kit includes everything that you need to create a beautiful terrarium.

This small kit includes: Coco and perlite soil mix, Leca Balls, Sphagnum moss, Activated charcoal, Decorative stones, Decorative sand, Beach pebble, Driftwood, Decorative moss, 5 Terrarium tools, 10cm small glass globe, 1 small succulent.

Presented in an eco-friendly kraft gift box and includes step by step planting and care guide, making it a fabulous gift for a green fingered friend or a little project for yourself.

Size: L30.5 x W22 x H10cm

Other sizes available. This is the small air & moss kit.