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Lemon Salt Spa Aromatherapy Soap

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Handmade Lemon Salt soap that creates a mild, creamy lather and provides a very light exfoliation. Himalayan salt is known for it’s mineral rich ingredients that are soothing, cleansing, leaving skin soft and smooth.

Net weight approx. 130g

Made with natural ingredients using the traditional cold process method, it's nourishing ingredients consists of high quality, plant based oils and butters. 

Lemon essential oil is known to improve acne and help to detoxify the skin which results in brighter looking skin . Green French clay is added for its colourant for gentle exfoliation and provides deeper cleansing to the skin.

Suitable for face and body use. Each soap is cured for at least 4-6 weeks, making harder and milder bar of soap. 

Handmade in Shropshire by The Shrubbery Soaps. All packaging materials are biodegradable and plastic free.

We recommend that you leave the soap in a well ventilated soap dish to allow drying between uses.

Ingredients List: *Sodium Cocoate ( Coconut oil ), Sodium Olivate ( Olive oil ), Sodium Chloride ( Pink Himalayan salt ) Glycerin, Aqua , ( Water) Sodium Castorate ( Castor oil), Citrus Limonene Peel oil, Illite, Kaolin, **Geraniol, **d 1 Limonene,

*certified organic, **naturally occurring in essential oils