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Be A Deer Vintage Plate, 20cm

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Who doesn't love a vintage plate hand painted with words of wisdom...and sometimes profanities? Look away now if swearing offends you. A Homefolk fave!

Colourful mustard yellow decorative plate featuring vintage florals and a deer wearing a ruffled collar, pearls and foliage on top of her head. The words 'be a deer and fuck off' painted across the middle. Styles vary slightly as each one is hand painted and totally awesomely unique!

Size: 20.5cm

For display only, and they come with a disclaimer:
• Don’t wash ‘em
• Don’t do drugs on ‘em
• Don’t eat off ‘em
• Don’t stub a blunt out on ‘em

Just hang these fuglies on a wall or use as a trinket dish...

Various styles available. Custom designs available on request.